Xpress U'r self more, with less


Information on occupational safety and health, Safety and Preparedness is an important focus area.

Communicating to different target groups, and documentation confirming that the recipients have understood the message, can be a challenge.


Keeping track of the Salesand Marketing Materialsso that everyone uses the latest updated, costs time.

The Power Point that was sent to customers has been updated.
Who got the former? And who's going to get a new one?
And how do we make sure that it is the updated version that is read and not the previous one?

Product Guide

The manual for the machine is out of date. The movie on YouTube also shows a former model who doesn't have the same number of buttons as the new model.

The new manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer's support page. But what about all your colleagues who also use the machine?

Remote learning

Students have been sent teaching materials to fill out. Have they filled it out? Do they have the latest?
After class, they ask for the Power Point that was shown. How do you make sure they all get it?

Save time

Communicate faster, easier and better.

Get an overview

Access your presentation material in the cloud.

Communicate better

Target communication to different audiences.

Create quality assurance and time saving

Share material in your organization so everyone works with the latest versions of the different media.


Make adjustments and updates in one place, and all releases will update automatically.

Easy and manageable

Build and distribute presentations in a short time.

Master Media is very responsive and flexible in terms of content and budget, and with XpressU the E-learning can be developed and adapted to the different phases of the construction.

That was the reason for my choice of supplier, and I have no regrets.


Bo Damgaard Hovmand

Project Work Environment Manager

Master Media and XpressU were recommended to me when we needed to produce e-learning for on-boarding at B&W Vølund.

The process was surprisingly easy because Maste Media is well versed in the material, and XpressU is a super simple and flexible platform that provides good insight into who is taking the courses. No one goes out on our projects without taking the course.


Ruth Kjeldsmark

HSEQ Manager
B&W Vølund

During my time as a teacher – in the field of safety in particular – I have been in contact with a wide range of communication and e-learning companies.

My collaboration with Master Media has shown that they manage to do the job, so the content of the teaching becomes very present and engaging.  My students have stated that 'this is the best e-learning I have ever received'.

At the same time, XpressU as a platform is incredibly easy to use, and I have been able to easily build courses. I think that's the way distance learning should go: Engaging visual messages – put on a platform that's very easy to work with...


Jesper Tholstrup

Lead consultant

"In my work as a cardiologist, knowledge sharing is crucial to our scientific progress. I have previously held myself from using video in traditional presentation programs. It all too often went wrong when you got to the video part – and at the same time I couldn't share the presentation because the file was too large.

XpressU has solved the challenges and for the first time I have had completely trouble-free resolutions and could immediately share the presentation with the audience. "


Jim Hansen

Senior Physician
Gentofte Hospital

In Danish Gas Distribution we work with the Danish gas distribution network. This can potentially be a very dangerous job, and therefore information on safety matters is one of our top priorities.
Normally we would use a film of about 15 minutes, which everyone who will be working at our facility should see.

With XpressU we have been given the opportunity to put together 19 short film chapters, whereby we can accurately target the information to the very different professional groups that will be working on our facilities.
At the same time, we can even very easily update planches, images, movies, text elements and questionnaires.

So we have a very flexible communication platform that saves time and ensures that we hit the different target groups in the best possible way.
And, above all, we have the assurance of – and statistics – that everyone has understood our messages.

Thomas Bloch

Lead QHSSE Specialist
Dansk Gas Distribution