• The need for communication and dissemination increases as our knowledge grows
  • When the total amount of communication increases, it is crucial to communicate briefly, accurately and purposefully – often to different audiences
  • Movies and video are powerful media, and are used more and more
  • In order to meet the desire for a short, precise communication to differentiated audiences,
    Is there a
    need to be able to work with modular presentation material – Slides, movies, pictures and text
  • The modular material must be easily
    • Organized
    • Kept up to date
    • and shared in the organization, so everyone uses the right
  • Therefore, XpressU!
  • XpressU simplifies the integration and distribution of many media in a unified presentation.
  • XpressU makes it easy and fast for anyone to build, edit and distribute information material.
  • XpressU enables you to communicate better with fewer resources.
  • XpressU makes it possible for everyone to build e-learning pathways.