[On the move] #62 Actions

A collection of special Actions for a presentation. E.g. to be able to insert a Menu where the user of a Presentation can choose a new direction

[ON THE WAY] #45 Questionnaire changes

Update of Questionnaires to follow the same layout as Surveys/Surveys. Incl. new types like images, videos and find 5 errors

[ON THE WAY] #55 Media preview

Displaying the Media in the Library, so they do not need to be dragged in the Timeline to view the content

May 2023

New language for the user interface of the Presentation

We have added Polish as a new language for the Presentations. Please note that the language is ONLY for the XpressU interface and does NOT affect the presentation itself

May 2023

3 fixes for the Start screen

[ 1 ] White frame on top of the Home screen has been reduced by 30 pixels [ 2 ] Logo + disclaimer has been moved down to Mobile layout [ 3 ] User's own logo has been given more space

May 2023

Error with rotation of video type MOV

XpressU now takes into account that MOV movies have an automatic rotation feature.

May 2023

Fixed 2 bugs in the Presentation interface

[ 1 ] Dialog box suggesting to Save your progress could not be displayed on smaller screens. Now scrolling to the message [ 2 ] Questionnaires with many questions could in some cases push the buttons out of the user's reach. A percentage-based limitation is now set up

May 2020

Multiple date intervals in statistics

Statistics can now be drawn for the whole period a Presentation has been running. You will find the Entire period at the bottom of the preselected periods

May 2020

Securing Statistics

To ensure that XpressU displays as accurate statistics as possible, it does not count when you test your questionnaires from within the XpressU Builder. You will be made aware of this.

May 2020

Updates after Feedback

[ 1 ] Media in the Timeline, it is marked with a red line in your Library. This gives you an overview of which Media have already been added. [ 2 ] In the Timeline, icons have been added to each frame, so you can recognize the difference between the media [ 3 ] Open a media directly from the Timeline. We have inserted the same icon (Pencil) as in the Library. So no more searching around in the Library for the Media in the Timeline you want to change

May 2020

Export of statistics

Export your statistics for use in other programs. For example, a DashBoard, PowerBI or other XpressU also exports the fields you have selected under "User must specify"

May 2020

Introduced a warning when editing a published Presentation

A great advantage of XpressU is the ability to update Media and Presentations continuously, and the recipients will see these immediately. But it can also be a bit "scary" when you change something. there is now a warning!

May 2020

Mobile optimized videos

We have optimized so that XpressU now converts a version of videos optimized for mobiles. XpressU even finds out if the user is on PC or Mobile, when running a Presentation

February 2020

A more manageable dialog box

The previous long Dialog box for a Presentation is divided logically into 5 tabs

February 2019

Bug fixes

[1] Fixed bug where the Control Panel appeared after pressing the OK button on a Questionnaire [2] Fixed bug with missing file in Presentation Download [3] Fixed bug with copying the Global link [4] Fixed bug with "æøå" in movie titles [5] Improved upload of movies in landscape/portrait mode [6] Upload limit set to 2 GB